With over 18 years experience as a barrister, Louise has extensive expertise in environment, planning and local government law, real property and equitable land claims, strata and community title law and building & construction disputes. 

She has acted for and against local councils, farmers, architects, developers, public interest groups, private certifiers and owners corporations and appeared in leading cases in the High Court of Australia and other superior Courts and Tribunals, which have established important legal principles that are currently applied and cited regularly across all Australian jurisdictions: see Heavens Door P/L v Hillpalm P/L and Wilkie v Blacktown City Council & Ors.

Louise is valued by solicitors who regularly brief her for possessing a strong practical approach to problem solving within a solid legal framework of protecting and advancing her clients’ rights whilst recognising the potential pitfalls of any given litigation scenario.

Her experience as a barrister is complemented by a two year stint as in-house counsel at the City of Sydney, conducting significant litigation, see City of Sydney cases. The particular focus was on the enforcement of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW) and related environment protection and local government legislation, and providing complex legal advice to the Council in all aspects of local government and planning law and real property issues. 

Louise has maintained a wide ranging interest in environmental advocacy and issues throughout her 25 year career as a lawyer and barrister. In 2010 briefed by the EDO (NSW) through the SI Public Solicitor's Office, Landowners Advocacy and Legal Support Unit, she travelled to the Solomon Islands to advise the Kolombangara Island Biodiversity Conservation Association, in the Western Province, concerning alleged unlawful logging of the unique 'cloud forests' on their island.

Louise has widespread training and experience in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. She is the author of Crown Lands and Protected Areas in The Environmental Law Handbook – Planning & Land Use in New South Wales (6th Edition, 2015), published by Thomson Reuters and is a regular speaker, delivering presentations and papers on a broad range of substantive and procedural law issues.